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Prepping for College

  High school seniors have a lot to think about, including college visits, applications, financial aid forms and, of course, graduation. For parents of high school seniors with learning disabilities or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, there are additional concerns. These teens often have supports in place at home and school to help them stay organized, …Read More

Addressing Teen Dating Violence

Parents can help sons and daughters in unhealthy relationships By Cary and Tonja Rector   “We are very concerned about her relationship with her boyfriend,” she tells the therapist after her daughter has left. “We think he may have pushed her during a recent argument. He seems to be jealous of her other friends and …Read More

There’s No App For That

Guiding your teenager’s social media use By Cary and Tonja Rector   Think you know your teen’s social media platforms? Facebook, Instagram and Twitter—right? How about Snapchat, Vine, Tumblr and Kik? Ever heard of Pheed? All of these social media sites are available as apps. Kids do not need a computer to access them. As a …Read More

What Are They Drinking?

Help teens avoid the pitfalls of consuming alcohol By Cary and Tonja Rector   The summer season is here. It’s an exciting time for teens. Prom, senior ball, graduation—there’s a lot to celebrate. And while parents are happy to see their teen enjoy the activities of high school, they also worry about drinking, especially this …Read More

Harmful Intimacy

Protecting your child from sexual abuse starts with information By Cary and Tonja Rector   Few situations make parents feel more vulnerable than thinking about how to protect their children from sexual abuse and sexual assault. As child and family therapists, the aftermath of sexual abuse and sexual assault is something we deal with regularly. …Read More

Facing Adolescence Together

Prepare your relationship to withstand the teen years By Cary and Tonja Rector   Mark Twain once said, “When a boy turns 13, seal him in a barrel and feed him through a knot hole. When he turns 16, plug up the hole.” Parenting teenagers is challenging. Adolescence can strain parents’ relationship with their teen …Read More