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Parenting After a Divorce

Divorce is stressful for both parents and children. In large part the stress for parents is wondering how their child will cope with the divorce. The good news is parents can do several things to make the changes easier on kids, leading to better adjustment. Every family is unique, as are the circumstances surrounding separation …Read More

Addressing Teen Dating Violence

Parents can help sons and daughters in unhealthy relationships By Cary and Tonja Rector   “We are very concerned about her relationship with her boyfriend,” she tells the therapist after her daughter has left. “We think he may have pushed her during a recent argument. He seems to be jealous of her other friends and …Read More

Girls and Bullying

Females use different tactics but still hurt victims. By Cary and Tonja Rector.   Bullying among kids has gained national attention and schools now have programs to recognize and address it right away. Parents are more aware of the issue, and what was once considered a rite of passage during childhood is getting a reappraisal. …Read More

Harmful Intimacy

Protecting your child from sexual abuse starts with information By Cary and Tonja Rector   Few situations make parents feel more vulnerable than thinking about how to protect their children from sexual abuse and sexual assault. As child and family therapists, the aftermath of sexual abuse and sexual assault is something we deal with regularly. …Read More