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Money, That’s What They Want

Parents must teach kids about financial realities By Cary and Tonja Rector   What parent has not gone through the experience of trying to make a quick stop at Target for a specific item when their preschooler spots a toy he wants. This is not the best time to start teaching your child about resisting …Read More

In No Mood for a Baby

How women can cope with postpartum depression By Cary and Tonja Rector   The birth of a baby is a joyous occasion for a family. When postpartum depression becomes part of the experience it can be confusing and frightening. Many women experience feelings of depression in the weeks following giving birth. The “baby blues” are …Read More

What Are They Drinking?

Help teens avoid the pitfalls of consuming alcohol By Cary and Tonja Rector   The summer season is here. It’s an exciting time for teens. Prom, senior ball, graduation—there’s a lot to celebrate. And while parents are happy to see their teen enjoy the activities of high school, they also worry about drinking, especially this …Read More

Bouncing Back

Parents can help improve their kids’ resiliency By Cary and Tonja Rector   Resilient children are likely to be happy and successful. These children handle adversity, trauma and everyday disappointments more effectively. They solve problems with empathy and thoughtfulness. Resiliency is something parents can foster in children. Robert Brooks, Ph.D., and Sam Goldstein, Ph.D., authors …Read More

Stormy Weather

Mental preparedness helps a parent withstand a toddler’s tantrums By Cary and Tonja Rector   Any parent who has experienced grocery shopping with her toddler soon learns to appreciate the “No Candy” checkout lane. Yelling, kicking, screaming and crying are the hallmarks of the dreaded temper tantrum. Temper tantrums in young children are so common …Read More

Seasonal Scenarios

Kids need to know their holiday manners By Cary and Tonja Rector   Here’s the scene: You’re hosting family for the holidays. Parents, siblings, in-laws, aunts and uncles, everyone within a 200-mile radius is gathered in your home. The kids have endured the meal and are eagerly opening gifts. Your son rips into the package …Read More