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Sibling Rivalry

“Please, please help me stop the fighting, I can’t stand it!” Sibling rivalry is competition, jealousy and fighting among brothers and sisters. It is normal but can be a major headache for parents. In our practices, we often get questions from parents about how to manage the conflict between their children. When do I intervene? …Read More

Defusing the Explosive Child

An inflexible, easily frustrated and explosive child makes life very difficult for both the child and those around him. It has a dramatic effect on family life and can make parenting an exhausting and sometimes painful experience. Ross Greene, author of The Explosive Child, offers a unique way of conceptualizing why some children are easily …Read More

Who’s The Boss?

End power struggles with your child By Cary and Tonja Rector   We often encounter parents and kids locked in a power struggle. The issues vary, but the dynamic is the same. Parents are irritated, angry and cannot understand the kid’s behavior. The child continues the behavior—and gets into more trouble with his parent. Certain …Read More

Stormy Weather

Mental preparedness helps a parent withstand a toddler’s tantrums By Cary and Tonja Rector   Any parent who has experienced grocery shopping with her toddler soon learns to appreciate the “No Candy” checkout lane. Yelling, kicking, screaming and crying are the hallmarks of the dreaded temper tantrum. Temper tantrums in young children are so common …Read More